Refugee contractor Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society re-brands, drops the “Hebrew” ….

by lehi48

Now we’re in year 2016. I’ m one of the Jew who is not naive having lived in that area for 9 years. What I will say both HIAS & ADL and their change of focus in mission goes way beyond disappointment. Though I hardly speak for our community and most of my friends are conservative both Jewish & Non-Jewish are conservative too. They share the same sentiments about those 2-Organizations. What both are doing today is enabling the President move forward with his goal to bring in statistically exclusively Muslim Refufees a number of whom are using this movement of humanity as a Trojan Horse as used at Medina chronicled in the Quran. It is a tactic that was announced upfront by IS last Summer. I suppose this President wants to bring death pain and suffering to Americans on our own soil.

Refugee Resettlement Watch

.…and moves its headquarters closer to Washington so as to be closer to the federal money it depends on for survival.  It will also boost its advocacy role with Congress and federal agencies.

Hetfield: The word “Hebrew” is so outdated, like using the word “colored” to refer to African Americans.

They will go by the name HIAS, Inc instead of the Hebrew Immigrant Aid Societywhich is probably better anyway since they have so many Muslims to resettle (who probably got skittish when they heard the word “Hebrew”).  One of nine major federal refugee contractors***, HIAS wants the US to resettle 75,000 Syrians (who will be mostly Muslims) over the next five years.

From Washington Jewish Week (hat tip: Michelle).  Emphasis is mine:

The announcement last week that HIAS, the century-old Jewish immigrant and refugee aid organization, will relocate its headquarters from New York City to Silver…

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