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Refugee contractor Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society re-brands, drops the “Hebrew” ….

Now we’re in year 2016. I’ m one of the Jew who is not naive having lived in that area for 9 years. What I will say both HIAS & ADL and their change of focus in mission goes way beyond disappointment. Though I hardly speak for our community and most of my friends are conservative both Jewish & Non-Jewish are conservative too. They share the same sentiments about those 2-Organizations. What both are doing today is enabling the President move forward with his goal to bring in statistically exclusively Muslim Refufees a number of whom are using this movement of humanity as a Trojan Horse as used at Medina chronicled in the Quran. It is a tactic that was announced upfront by IS last Summer. I suppose this President wants to bring death pain and suffering to Americans on our own soil.

Refugee Resettlement Watch

.…and moves its headquarters closer to Washington so as to be closer to the federal money it depends on for survival.  It will also boost its advocacy role with Congress and federal agencies.

Hetfield: The word “Hebrew” is so outdated, like using the word “colored” to refer to African Americans.

They will go by the name HIAS, Inc instead of the Hebrew Immigrant Aid Societywhich is probably better anyway since they have so many Muslims to resettle (who probably got skittish when they heard the word “Hebrew”).  One of nine major federal refugee contractors***, HIAS wants the US to resettle 75,000 Syrians (who will be mostly Muslims) over the next five years.

From Washington Jewish Week (hat tip: Michelle).  Emphasis is mine:

The announcement last week that HIAS, the century-old Jewish immigrant and refugee aid organization, will relocate its headquarters from New York City to Silver…

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German Chancellor Angela Merkel Took Selfie With Brussels Terrorist

It almost as if Angela Merkel and Barak Obama earned a Degree in how to run your own country into the ground. #WakeupAmerica #WakeupGermany

Nwo Report

Angela Merkel took selfie with Brussels terrorist months before attacksA photo showing Angela Merkel taking a selfie with Brussels bomber Najim Laachraoui has gone viral. 

The photo appears to show the German Chancellor with the Paris Bomb-Maker and Brussels attacker – who posed as a refugee at the time of the photograph.

Merkel and refugee selfie

The resemblance to the bomber is striking. He was filmed by surveillance cameras at Brussels Airport “Zaventem” shortly before the terrorist attack on Tuesday.

24-year-old Najim Laachraoui was the bomber pictured on the left of a surveillance camera image captured before the twin blasts rocked the departures area on Tuesday.

He was pushing a luggage trolley that contained a bomb hidden in a suitcase.

Laachraoui is suspected of being the bomb-maker who supplied devices for the Paris attacks on Nov 13.


The prosecutor has confirmed that Laachraoui’s DNA was found on a suicide belt at the Bataclan music venue that was targeted by ISIS along with an explosive device at the Stade…

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BBC’s Connolly contorts Israeli – and British – history to fit his political narrative

Source: BBC’s Connolly contorts Israeli – and British – history to fit his political narrative

Of Mr Connelly one can only say Arrogant Rude and an Ignoramus

Apollo Astronaut Says UFOs Came to Prevent Nuclear War

Strange that an Astranaut harbors these beliefs

Nwo Report

Apollo Astronaut Says UFOs Came to Prevent Nuclear WarSource:

The sixth man to walk on the Moon says that pacifist alien visitors tried to create world peace by disabling missiles during Cold War weapons tests. Edgar Mitchell, who walked on the Moon during the Apollo 14 mission in 1971, told Mirror Online in a recent interview that he believes the UFOs reported around military bases during the Cold War were on a mission to prevent a nuclear war between the U.S. and the Soviet Union.

“My own experience talking to people has made it clear the ETs had been attempting to keep us from going to war and help create peace on Earth,” he told Mirror Online in a recent interview.

He added, “I have spoken to many Air Force officers who worked at these silos during the Cold War. They told me UFOs were frequently seen overhead and often disabled their missiles. Other officers from bases on…

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Obama Leaves Out ‘God’ From 4th of July Weekly Address (VIDEO)

The measure of man is eventually shown

Nwo Report

As Obama’s term as President is slowly nearing its end, more and more of who the man is, and what he truly stands for, is beginning to seep out

As Obama’s term as President is slowly nearing its end, more and more of who the man is, and what he truly stands for, is beginning to seep out.

For instance, President Obama released his 4th of July weekly address for 2015 with one key ingredient missing: God.

Unlike his weekly addresses during the previous two years, where the President concluded his speeches with “God Bless You All” (2014) and “So, God bless You All. And may God bless The United States of America” (2013), Obama left out any mention of God in his recent address. Instead, this year, he chose to end his speech with a very politically correct, “Thanks, everybody. From my family to yours, have a safe and…

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Irish Bishop: Ireland needs to step up and take in Mediterranean migrants

So, Ireland may be able to take in 300. Are you sure that isn’t going to break the budget? It’s funny how 60,000 not organized immigrants but illegal aliens, squatters showed up on Israel’s doorstep one day and the Whole World including YOU Ireland +EU said to Israel YOU MUST keep them. Yet you are sweating 300. You know exactly what you are I don’t need to write it Bishop. The Pope is so generous why hasn’t he opened each Church in the World to temporarily house these poor louts or is it that they are burning down Churches throughout the ME and have promised to raise the Black Flag over the Vatican. Yet you make other countries take these refugees in some of whom may be a threat to their National Security. Mr. Ban at the UN speaks for others I still want to know How many immigrants are going to SKorea JapanThailand Burma Viet Nam and so forth but in particular your country Mr. Ban

Refugee Resettlement Watch

Controversial Irish Bishop: bring in the Muslim refugees. See 2012 pedophilia controversy in this article.

Invasion of Europe news….

Yesterday, we learned that Poland is hanging tough and not bending to EU and United Nations pressure to take in the mostly Muslim invaders coming across the Mediterranean from North Africa.   But, it looks like Ireland is caving in…

From the Independent:

The Catholic Church has called on the Government to “open our doors” to more migrants from the Mediterranean.

The comments from Bishop John Kirby come as Defence Minister Simon Coveney said that other EU countries should take responsibility for their fair share of the response to the refugee crisis.

Mr Coveney’s said that Ireland will consider accepting the settlement of more than the 300 refugees already agreed if formally requested to do so by the EU.

He will travel to Malta on Monday to discuss the refugee crisis…

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UN Seeks to Criminalize Free Speech, Citing “Human Rights”

UN, I am an American native born bestowed wIth inalienable, God given rights that even the US Government according to our Constitution cannot take away from us without the People of the US removing them from power. These special rights are the Bill of Rights. The 1st and made the 1st because of it importance is Freedom of Speech and Expression. The American Public did not elect the UN to rule over us. Perhaps 170 of the 190+ Nations are despotic governments that don’t even understand the meaning of Democracy. Americans are not going to surrender our rights to you for whom we pay 1/4 of your budget and you kick us in rear-end each chance you get. We are not going to submit to an intolerant religion that has no respect for others but would make the utmost demands of all others until they are forced to convert. Any American President attempting to surrender even a morsel of our Right to Freedom of Speech and Expression will be committing treason and thrown out of office according to Our Constitutions. Try is and see. Any agreement would become null and void.

Nwo Report

The dictator-dominated global body is waging a full-blown assault on free-speech rights

UN Seeks to Criminalize Free Speech, Citing “Human Rights”Source: Alex Newman |

Under the guise of advancing what the United Nations refers to as “human rights,” the dictator-dominated global body is waging a full-blown assault on free-speech rights by pressuring governments to criminalize so-called “hate speech.”

Indeed, working alongside radical government-funded activist groups and anti-liberty politicians around the world, the UN and other totalitarian-minded forces have now reached the point where they openly claim that what they call “international law” actually requires governments to ban speech and organizations they disapprove of. Critics, though, are fighting back in an effort to protect freedom of speech — among the most fundamental of all real rights.

While Americans’ God-given right to speak freely is firmly enshrined in the U.S. Constitution’s First Amendment, the UN and its hordes of “human rights” bureaucrats are currently terrorizing and bullying the people…

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The Guardian’s ‘correction’ on refugees needs correcting

UNRWA what about the 800,000+ Jews kicked outArab countries. Being Sephardim they also had a high birth Rate & children, grandchildren, and great grand children . There will need to be a quid pro quo and It is very ls very likely to be a net-zero sum game.

UK Media Watch

A June 21st edition of the Guardian’s Corrections and Clarifications included the following entry.


To clarify their clarification:

The overwhelming majority of the 5.1 million “refugees” who come under the mandate of UNRWA (The United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees in the Near East) are – as we’ve noted previously – not in fact refugees.

According to UNRWA, ‘Palestinian refugees‘ are defined as “persons whose normal place of residence was Palestine during the period 1 June 1946 to 15 May 1948, and who lost both home and means of livelihood as a result of the 1948 conflict.”  

The number of Palestinian refugees from the ’48 war who are still alive – out of the initial 711,000 or so – is estimated to be roughly 30,000.  However, due to UNRWA’s expansive definition of who qualifies for “refugee” benefits – which includes the children, grandchildren, and even…

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BBC’s Gaza blockade campaign continues with amplification of another NGO

This Blog exposes the slippery and disingenuous promotion of Agendas rather than reporting balanced news

BBC Watch

As we noted in our discussion here of the plethora of reports recently produced by the BBC’s chief international correspondent Lyse Doucet on the topic of reconstruction in the Gaza Strip (see related articles below), UNRWA employees were given platforms from which to promote their political campaign against Israel’s policies regarding its border with the Gaza Strip in many of those items, as well as in an additional related programme.

But UNRWA was not the only organisation to be given BBC airtime for the promotion of politically motivated messaging in Doucet’s series of reports. The video below shows a report aired on BBC World News in February in which Doucet interviewed Roger Hearn of Save the Children. Note his answer to Doucet’s request to identify “the main problem” holding up reconstruction in the Gaza Strip.

Hearn: “Look, fundamentally people can’t get the equipment and the building supplies to rebuild…

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UNHRC Intention to Prosecute Israel

The Anti-Semitism of the Battlefield in the 21st Century

Any of the EU, Commonwealth or the US could one day find itself isolated, tried and convicted by the World Body by 3rd World, envious countries each with one vote but consisting perhaps of no more than an Island and a few hundred thousand people. Over 80% of the countries in the UN would not know what human rights are since they despotic countries. Yet many of these countries sit on the UNHRC. You already have the Head of the Organization Navi Pillay who should be neutral until they convene stating we are guilty and it shows the 3rd World mentality at work. You have the Arab Block, Africa, South West Asia as some classic examples of whom will sit as juror on that committee. Notwithstanding that Israel took methodical and deliberate steps that no other military has taken to spare civilian lives we are facing this dilemma today. Hamas openly admitting through their spokesperson at the beginning of the War and a few times afterwards that they use Human Shields and why; they are not factored in as a reason for these deaths and Israel is presented as the monster. Is this not the modern Anti-Semitism because no other country would be standing in Israel’s position today?