UNHRC Intention to Prosecute Israel

The Anti-Semitism of the Battlefield in the 21st Century

Any of the EU, Commonwealth or the US could one day find itself isolated, tried and convicted by the World Body by 3rd World, envious countries each with one vote but consisting perhaps of no more than an Island and a few hundred thousand people. Over 80% of the countries in the UN would not know what human rights are since they despotic countries. Yet many of these countries sit on the UNHRC. You already have the Head of the Organization Navi Pillay who should be neutral until they convene stating we are guilty and it shows the 3rd World mentality at work. You have the Arab Block, Africa, South West Asia as some classic examples of whom will sit as juror on that committee. Notwithstanding that Israel took methodical and deliberate steps that no other military has taken to spare civilian lives we are facing this dilemma today. Hamas openly admitting through their spokesperson at the beginning of the War and a few times afterwards that they use Human Shields and why; they are not factored in as a reason for these deaths and Israel is presented as the monster. Is this not the modern Anti-Semitism because no other country would be standing in Israel’s position today?